We’ve come a long way… Die Cut Christmas Tree Card

We’ve come a long way… Die Cut Christmas Tree Card

As I was creating this card, I was thinking about an afternoon 34 years ago when I first started teaching. One of my teacher friends introduced me to the “make and take area” at what I think is now called the Teacher Center at the CCIU in Downingtown, PA. where we went to use their die cutting machine to create cut-out shapes for my bulletin boards. 30 apples for my September calendar, 31 jack-o-lantern’s for October’s, etc. The machine was quite large (and not available/affordable to purchase for home use as far as I knew). And as I recall, the die cut shapes from which to choose were chunky, silhouette images, and the selection was somewhat limited.

Imagine my delight a few years later (lol!) when I purchased my first personal die cutting machine and was able to cut shapes at home! Like the “professional” one, this smaller version had a handle that you pulled down to bring the flat plates together to add the necessary pressure to the die. And like the “professional” dies, those available for purchase were mainly steel rule dies with chunky silhouette images. I loved this machine, but the top plate that pressed against the dies was only a few inches wide so larger dies had to be cut in sections.

Imagine my delight (again!!) when the rolling style die cut machine became available and my long term love affair with my Cuttlebug began. I have since bought several other machines (including electronic ones) but still have and use my original Cuttlebug.

The HUGE variety of dies available today is amazing! Steel rule dies are still compatible with the newer machines and new designs are still being made and sold. But now, there is also the option of wafer thin dies – so many designs, both simple and intricate, and so much easier to store.

Today’s card was made with only dies: the “Elegant Merry Christmas” die (FRA-DIE-10339) and the “Christmas Tree Square” (FRA-DIE-10023) both by Frantic Stamper and a die from the “Stitched Rectangle” set by Creek Bank Creations.

I added wide Creek Bank Creations “Super Tacky Tape” to the back of white card stock before cutting my images which made them into stickers and then used Un-du to make them easier to position on my card.

Of all the many tools and supplies that I use when making my cards and scrapbook pages, my die cutting machines and dies are among my favorites!

Thanks for checking out my card project and for joining me in my walk down memory lane!

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11 thoughts on “We’ve come a long way… Die Cut Christmas Tree Card

  1. I do remember those large machines. So nice when the smaller personal ones made the entrance into the crafting world. Love your card! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


  2. I remember using those big machines, too. I think they still have them at the school district office. It is so nice to have so many dies, but metal dies and cutting machines to make what we want.
    Your card is lovely with the dies and the two colors.


  3. I love the simplicity in the design of this card although anything with dies makes a card more complex than it looks. Your story is even more interesting and I found it nice to learn more about you as I read it. I didn’t even know about the machines you mention. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Love the card! And your trip down memory lane! My first machine was a Big Shot which I still have and a fav. I now use my Gemini most of the time as easier on my hands. I love dies and is becoming my preferred way to make cards. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Love the card and your post sharing a little of yourself and a trip down memory lane. You have an amazingly beautiful style and love this CAS card today.


  6. Simply Beautiful!! Love it. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I remember thinking why doesn’t someone come up with personal die cut machine, and here we are.


  7. Wow! Thanks for that walk down Memory Lane! I still have that original Sizzix machine on a shelf somewhere! There should be a museum somewhere for these ancient artifacts! 🙂


  8. I love your clean blue Christmas card, and I like even better your story of first using a die cutting machine and how that evolved into this great hobby! It is cool how we can all have a die cutting machine.


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