Great for Adhering Intricate Die Cuts…

Great for Adhering Intricate Die Cuts…


Do you struggle with making panels straight or positioning die cuts on your projects?  Do you find it challenging to stack multiple die cuts to create thicker elements for your cards?  Check this out…

Un-du is a non-greasy sticker, tape & label remover that works great for positioning die cuts (with non-liquid adhesive) to your projects.  When applied, it temporarily neutralizes the adhesive allowing you to move the die cut around until you have it positioned to your liking.

First, you apply adhesive to the back of your die cut or panel by either backing the card stock with sticker paper before cutting (great for intricate die cuts) or by applying two sided tape/adhesive to the back of the die cut/panel after it was cut.  (Un-du will not work with liquid glue.)  Then, apply the un-du to the surface on which you will be adhering your die cut/panel.  Place the die cut/panel on the treated surface and position as desired.  The un-du makes the adhesive temporarily “un-sticky” so it is easy to move the die cut/panel around.  When first applied, your surface will appear wet, but in about 30 seconds, the un-du will evaporate and completely disappear from view, and your die cut/panel will now be stuck in place.  You can also use it to move or remove something that you already stuck down, and it’s great for getting the sticky residue off of your scissors, punches, etc.

Check out this video (at the 10:25 minute mark) to see it being used.  Here is another one (at the 10:25 mark).  (Creek Bank Creations now sells un-du on their site as well.)

According to the product label and the information in the above videos, this product is acid free, photo safe, and is safe on most surfaces (including surfaces that have been inked, stamped, etc.), but I think it’s always a good idea to test the product on the material on which you plan to use it to be sure.

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8 thoughts on “Great for Adhering Intricate Die Cuts…

  1. I just checked the links and found this to be of interest on several levels. I like their circle die bundle quite a lot. Must try to get the product Un Du as it would help a lot with intricate layers. I often get mine messed up. Thanks for sharing. Never heard of this company so they are now added to my list of places to check for good stuff.


    • If you are interested in ordering from them, use the coupon code sunshine (until July 30, 2020) to get 20% off the items or purchase in a bundle for a savings around 30% (no additional 20%). Orders over $50.00 ship free.


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