More Masking

More Masking

Several of the classes in the “Simply Watercolor Christmas” course (from Online Card Classes) focused on masking with masking fluid to create some simple holiday designs (triangle trees and round ornaments). I thought I’d try using the masking fluid around a traced, die cut image instead.

Getting crisp clean edges is not as easy as it looks! I tried to apply the masking fluid as carefully as I could, and it seemed like I had good coverage… More practice, I guess!

The die used to create my traced image is “Nativity Bell” by Tutti Designs. I used Kuretake GANSAI TAMBI Water Colors (#47, 44, and 90) to dab layers of the three paint colors over the nativity image and the mat panel. (I thought about going over the uneven lines to clean it up a bit but was afraid I’d mess up the “multi-colored” look I had achieved when the mask was still on the paper.)

Besides looking like I painted it in a moving car, I kind of like the “artsy” look to it. Not sure I’d go to all the trouble again, though, since I could just as easily have used the die cut itself on the card – lol!!

Thanks for checking out my card project!

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10 thoughts on “More Masking

  1. Pretty card! I agree with you on using the die to cut and add to a card, but you did a great job on the masking and watercolor. It looks nice.


  2. I totally get your comment about the less than perfect look achieved here, but nonetheless, I think this is a beautiful card. The hand done look of it adds to the overall result and personally I really like it. Like you I’m not sure I would go to the trouble of doing this technique, but learning is about trying new things and you sure like to do that.


  3. Lisa, this is pretty amazing! Smart to not go over the edges. I tried to do that on one and it didn’t help. Granted, I used Nuvo drops to draw the lines, so they would have depth.

    I love your multi colored look.


  4. This masking fluid takes a lot of practice. I just started the class after seeing your trees and the masking fluid may be the death of me. LOL!!! I like the way this looks…very artistic.


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