Trouble With Internet Service

Trouble with Internet Service


I’ve been away from my computer for a bit…..

First my computer had to be sent to Texas for repair and was gone for 7 days.  Then a violent storm hit our area.  It ripped out one of our trees and hurled it at our neighbors’ house taking our electric and cable wires with it.  Thankfully, no one was hurt, but we are still working on cleaning up the mess.  Our internet service is finally back, but it may be a little while before I can find the time to fully enjoy the crafting inspiration you all post.  (I am still trying to check out the posts for which I receive email notifications – on my phone and now on my computer; commenting has been tough.)

Thanks for checking out my post and for your understanding.

7 thoughts on “Trouble With Internet Service

  1. And I thought we got strong winds this week. Our broken branches were only the size of a small Volkswagen. The Denver airport reported 100 mph, that is 50 miles south, I would think ours were over 60. Poor chickens were walking south but their bodies were heading east.

    Very cool that you got the computer back it is is working.


  2. So glad you and the family are okay and in that respect the internet is not nearly as important as your family. But I feel your loss on not being able to get online. I had to miss out on a lot as well with our satellite system this summer. I hope it is better from now on. I don’t even have a phone that I can use for internet so I was really cut off.


  3. Lisa, I am so sorry about your tree and all the problems that caused. I know that storm was scary. We were lucky and didn’t lose power at all. Stay safe!


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