My Computer Is Not Feeling Well

My Computer Is Not Feeling Well


My computer is having a few problems and needs to be sent away for warranty covered repair.  Hopefully, this will not take too long, but I will be missing in action until the repair is completed and my computer is returned.

Thanks for checking out my post.

(above photo is from HERE, and is not my own.)

8 thoughts on “My Computer Is Not Feeling Well

    • That’s the problem with warranty service. While it’s free (which is good), you can’t just drop it off at the trusty shop around the corner and pick it up in a few hours. It’s anyone’s guess how long it will take to go Texas and back. UGH!!


  1. BUMMER!!! Like Johanna, I get withdrawal symptoms when mine goes down. Hopefully it won’t take way too long. I like Bonnies comment about being quarantined.


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