Silhouette Tip – Cutting without Connecting to Your Computer

Silhouette Tip – Cutting without Connecting to Your Computer


Every now and again, I discover something that is so huge (for me), I wonder how I didn’t realize it before….

My Silhouette Cameo, along with all its accessories, is stored on a rolling cart in my craft room.   However, because my craft room is pretty small, I don’t have enough room to keep my laptop in there all the time. To use my Silhouette, I either needed to bring my laptop into my craft room where it took up valuable space on my desk, or I brought my Silhouette (with all the accessories needed) down to the dining room where my laptop usually sits.  Both were pretty inconvenient!

I recently discovered that you can save your cut files to an SD/SDHC card and cut from that without needing to attach the computer to the Silhouette machine.  HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS BEFORE NOW?!  🙂     Anyway, in case you were also unaware…

Here’s how:

  • Create your cut file(s) using your Silhouette software.  (I use the Silhouette Designer Edition.)
  • Insert your SD/SDHC card card into your computer.  Select “Save As” option and select “Save to SD card.”
  • Name your file.  It will be saved as a “gsp” file onto your card.  (You may also wish to save your file as you normally would since the format of the file is different for the SD card.)
  • Place the SD/SDHC card in your Silhouette in the slot located on the right-hand side of the unit next to the USB and power connections, and load your mat with your card stock (or whatever you will be cutting).
  • Select “SD Card Setting.”
  • Select “Select File” to see all your saved choices.
  • Select the file you wish to use.
  • Select “Cut” and Silhouette will cut the file.


Much easier!  Happy cutting …..without the cords!!

Thanks for checking out my post!

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2 thoughts on “Silhouette Tip – Cutting without Connecting to Your Computer

  1. Wow! I was unaware too. I have my cameo on a shelf that sits to the left and behind my desk where my computer is. I connect it with the cord when I want to use it. Otherwise the cord is dangling in an awkward place. This is just amazing. Thanks again.


  2. Well you are a genius! GREAT tip! I always lug my laptop into my craft room…..I need to get a can of air to blow all of that glitter and embossing powder out of the keys lol Thanks for sharing!!!


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