Leaf Printing

Leaf Printing

I recently watched this video where Linda uses leaves that have fallen from trees with her die cut machine to get beautiful leaf images that can be used on cards. She shows samples with more of an embossed look, but I kept trying different leaves, looking for ones that gave a lot more color.

I “printed” each leaf on water color paper, added a sentiment, layered the panels, and the card was complete.

Here are a few more samples…

The “so blessed…” sentiment is from the “Elegant Autumn Swirl Leaves” stamp set from Heartfelt Creations and the “thinking of you” sentiment is from the “Sketched Flowers” stamp set from Simon Says Stamp. I also used Gina K Designs Chocolate Truffle Amalgam Ink and Dark Chocolate and Honey Mustard or Faded Brick card stock. I chose to keep these cards simple and let the leaves do all the work!

I made a TON of panels. As I mentioned above, every leaf left a different impression with varying amounts of color. But they all looked cool in their own way! I found it interesting that the brightest leaves did not always leave the brightest images And the colors of the leaves did not always match the color of the images. You just didn’t know what to expect which is what made it so fun!! As Linda said, the technique works best if the leaves still have lots of moisture in them, and I also had the most success with maple leaves, although I got some great impressions with other types as well.

Thanks for checking out my card projects!

8 thoughts on “Leaf Printing

  1. Wow what a beautiful theme and look for fall. Each leaf and print is unique and lovely in its own way. What a great idea and seasonal approach!


  2. These are beautiful! I love how each leaf looks different. Our leaves have all fallen and turned brown, so I may try this next year. We have snow today. A bit too early for my taste as I liked the color and warmer weather.


  3. Wow – these are all unique and special. What a great look you got with the leaves. I shall have to try this – I have tons of leaves to play with in my garden.


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