Embossing Folder with Powders

Embossing Folder with Powders

I came across THIS VIDEO by Jennifer McGuire where she used Lindy’s Magical Powders and embossing folders to create a bunch of background panels for cards. I did not have those powders, but I did have Bisters and Color Burst powders so I thought I’d give it a try.

A few tips/comments: When she says a little powder goes a long way, listen to her! (I think I used way too much powder!!) And when she shows the sandwich she used for her embossing, pay attention. (I kind of ignored that thinking I knew how to emboss, but the watercolor paper is so thick that I struggled to get the folder through with the regular embossing plate. It eventually squeezed through but shot out the other end when done and wet ink went everywhere!) And finally, the next time I work with these powders, I may seriously consider wearing gloves. (My hands were a mess, and I struggled to get the ink off!) It was fun to experiment with all the different methods she showed in the video, though.

The greenish samples were made with blue and green Bisters. For the sample above and this one (below), I put the powders directly on the folder, spritzed with water, and embossed a piece of watercolor paper:

For the next one, I sprayed the embossing folder (with the leftover ink) with water and pressed the watercolor paper down on it as if I were stamping the image (and then smooshed parts with ink on mat).

I had tons of ink/water on my mat so I smooshed watercolor panels through it to pick up the color.

The blue and purple samples were made with Color Burst. In her video, she shows how to add white pigment ink to the embossed surface (once dry) to bring out the pattern better. (You can see this on the second and third samples below.)

Once the panels were completely dry, I added greetings with either the “Make A Wish” die from Elizabeth Craft Designs or the “Happy Cutaways” die from Walter & Winnie (no longer available) and either a printable sentiment strip or one stamped from the “Label Me Bold” set from Stampin’ Up (retired). The embossing folder I used was the 5×7 “Leaf Floral” from CGull.

Thanks for checking out my card projects!

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9 thoughts on “Embossing Folder with Powders

  1. I love the backgrounds you made. I cannoli use any powder such as these, glitter or embossing powder at the nursing facility where I now live so I sold them. Too messy. But I thank you for sharing them with me. I may have to see if I can achieve a similar look when I have more time. Now I am trying to play catch up on Christmas cards. I no longer have a blog so I post now and then in Facebook groups. You take care. Hugs, Verna


  2. Gorgeous cards! I have a few powders and they can make a big mess. Gloves would be perfect, but I never think of them. Have to try adding the white as it looks great.


  3. Wow! These all turned out great and I laughed at the embossing fiasco you mentioned. Been there, done that lol. Love all the different ways you got the panels to look. I find dry embossing sandwiches are challenging and am now using my old Big shot just for this. I don’t care if it breaks so I can experiment a bit. And I use the colour Burst powders on occasion but like you make a mess with them. If you have a pumice stone it helps to get the ink off your hands.


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