Winter Napkin Card

Winter Napkin Card


Here is another card I made using my Mini Minc Foil Applicator to adhere a decorative paper napkin to card stock to use as a background panel.  The napkin creates a textured panel that looks and feels like cloth, and there are so many different napkins (prints) from which to choose!  (HERE are a few samples I made earlier with a Santa napkin.)

To adhere the napkin to a piece of card stock, you first separate and discard the one (or two) plain layers from the top printed layer of the napkin.  Then, you sandwich a piece of cling wrap between a piece of card stock and the top layer of the napkin (all trimmed to the same size), and run it through your Minc (on the highest setting).  The panel can then be trimmed to fit your card project.  (HERE is a video showing you how this technique is done.)

I added a die cut greeting and some yarn, gold cord and a metallic snowflake charm to the panel to finish it off.

Thanks for checking out my card project!

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3 thoughts on “Winter Napkin Card

  1. Oh what fun it is to use something as simple yet exciting as a napkin. I remember doing this as a little girl with my grandmother but I think we used freezer paper and an iron.


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