Let’s Craft!

Let’s Craft!


Interested in learning new techniques?  Want to try out the latest tools and supplies before committing to purchasing them?  Wish you had access to a large selection of stamps, dies, and embossing folders to use on your projects?  Tired of crafting alone?  If you live in the Cherry Hill, NJ area and are interested in any of the above, leave me a note below, or email me at lisababitz@gmail.com.  I’d be happy to set something up with you at your convenience.  Fees for lessons and other terms, including location, can be discussed in advance when you contact me. Oh, and one more thing – I don’t work for any company or sell any product so there will never be pressure to purchase anything. Let’s just craft!!

3 thoughts on “Let’s Craft!

  1. Wow! You go girl, before you know it you will be another Gina K! Lol
    I have been watching your posts and commenting when I can. You have been very busy creating and commenting and I wanted to thank you for all of them. I’m glad that I can inspire you with my craft. I hope you get a lot of people that want to take advantage for your offer. I wish that I had a crafty friend that I could craft with that was close. But wait, now that I think about it. I would rather be crafting alone. Stuff is flying around and I am very busy. Yeah, alone is better and having a friend like you to communicate with is awesome.
    Thanks for being my friend.


  2. That is a great idea. I often thought about inviting a few friends to try their hand at card making. Maybe when my health improves I might try it.


  3. Oh what a great idea! I hope you have lots of crafters in your neighborhood who would love to do this! I am too far away. 😦 You should head over to your community center and see if there is a slot for you to hold classes (if you don’t already) So many people could benefit from your talents! Good Luck! And thank you so much for always commenting on my Blog, you are such a dear to do so. I have just added you to my Blog list so I can see what you are up to at all times! 😉


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