Scrapbook Gift for Student Teacher

Scrapbook Gift for Student Teacher

When my son was in 3rd grade, his class had a student teacher.  I was asked by the regular teacher to create the layouts for a scrapbook that she wanted to present to the student teacher when she left. The regular teacher made a gorgeous cloth cover (I wish I had a photo!), and here are my pages she put inside:

010 Intro page Miss Yeager

a020 Caution Work Zone Ahead Intro   a030 Caution Work Zone Ahead pg 2

a040 Caution Work Zone Ahead pg 3   a050 Caution Work Zone Ahead pg 4

a060 Caution Work Zone Ahead pg 5  a070 Caution Work Zone Ahead pg 6

a080 Dr   a090 Dr

a100 Dr   a110 Dr

a120 Pumpkin Festival pg 1   a130 Pumpkin Festival pg 2

a150 Daily Schedule   a140 Class Picture with puzzle pieces

a160 Portrait page Eric   a170 Student's decorated page Eric

 (I made pages like these of each of the students.)

a180 Picture of Johnson School   a190 We'll Miss You cartoon

This was a fun project.  I took most of the photos so I was in the classroom quite a bit.  Being a former teacher, it was nice to be so “close to the action” without all the work!  The book I was working with had 8 1/2 x 11 inch pages which are smaller than what I usually work with; they fill up quickly!!  And I wasn’t asked to do this project until closer to the end of the student teacher’s assignment, so I was limited in what I had to include in the book.  However, I am sure that Miss Yeager will treasure the pages done by each of the individual students for years to come, and hopefully, the photos of the classroom activities will bring back fond memories as well!

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