Ranger Ink Pad Storage Rack

Ranger Ink Pad Storage Rack

Most of the stamp pads that I use regularly are stored behind my desk in racks on the pegboard.

a070 DSCN5485


I found these great wire racks at the Ranger Warehouse Sale that they hold once a year at the Ranger Headquarters in Tinton Falls, NJ.  (HERE  is the link to their blog post announcing this year’s sale.)  I went this year and last, and they had these racks both times, for $5 a piece.  Incredible value, I think!! (I think they are usually sold with ink pads to suppliers; I guess they sell off the surplus at the warehouse sale because I can’t find them sold separately online or in stores anywhere.)



I have 3 of them and have them hanging on hooks on my pegboard.  They are easily removed and can stand upright on my desk if needed, but I usually just leave them hanging.

a070 DSCN5485 cropped



I have each of my ink pads in a 4″ x 6″ plastic bag.  I do this to keep a foam pad for the foam applicator for each color with the ink pad and also to keep the ink from drying out.  (I’m not sure if that’s at all necessary, but I just feel better keeping them sealed well!)


HERE is a link for the bags I use for my ink pads.

A note about storing ink pads on their sides – I have heard some people say that ink pads are best stored upside down so the ink stays on the surface of the pad.  I have been storing my ink pads on their sides without a problem.  I did have a problem years ago when the few ink pads I owned were just tossed in a cardboard box, and they dried out.  I don’t know if the lids were not secure since they were bumped about in the box, or what, but that is why I now store them in the bags.  I also tend to ink up my stamps by keeping the stamp on the table facing up and tapping the ink pad down on the stamp.  As I work, I place the ink pad face down on its lid on my desk.  Maybe, the ink “moves” to the surface while it sits on my desk like that – who knows!!

For what it’s worth, I found this HERE on the ranger site :   “How should I store my Distress Ink Pads?    The molded plastic case is designed to create the proper fit needed for the ink formulation. While storing the pads flat with the bottom side up will neither help nor hurt, we usually store pads on their sides or flat with the right side up.”  I’m not sure if this is correct for all ink pads.

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