Darice 32 Compartment Storage Container

I’d like to share a storage idea with you!

The product is the Darice 32 Compartment No Spill Organizer Storage Container.


I use them to store my Memento Dew Drop ink pads and my sponge daubers.

DSCN8841   DSCN8844   DSCN8846   DSCN8847

What I love about these containers is that these items fit into the compartments perfectly.  They stack for easy storage and close to keep the contents secure.  I also like that they fit perfectly into my IRIS 6-Drawer Scrapbook Chest.

DSCN8851  DSCN8849   IRIS 6-Compartment Storage System

While not a problem for me based on how I use these boxes, I just want to point out that the compartments are not adjustable, and the box itself is pretty shallow.  Thirty of the compartments are 1.5″ x 1.875″  and are about 1″ deep.  (The two by the “hook” that closes it are smaller.)  I think the box itself is about 1.5″ high.

I purchased my Darice Organizers at Walmart in the craft department with the beads and jewelry-making supplies.  You can order them online at amazon.com or walmart.com.

Thanks for checking out my post today!

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5 thoughts on “Darice 32 Compartment Storage Container

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  2. Thanks for sharing this storage solution! I have been debating on investing in memento dewdrops or hero arts mini cubes. (Have a distress mini ink collection already) Nice to know there’s a storage solution for dewdrops…may have to try both now lol! 🙂


    • I sent an email to Tsukeniko asking that question and received no response. According to customer service at Gina K Designs and the Ranger web site (both manufacturers of dye ink), it will neither hurt nor help to store their stamp pads upside down. It seems to me (and it is just my opinion) that if the ink pads were to be stored upside down, the manufacturers would put the ink pad on the lid. Since the pad is on the bottom and the label is on the top, that seems (to me) like that is the way they are to be stored. I store most of my ink pads standing up on their sides because that is how most of my storage racks hold them. My dew drops are stored flat with the lid up. I have never had an issue with them either way.


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