A Tool I Love for Weeding Sticky Die Cuts

A Tool I Love for Weeding Sticky Die Cuts

I made a bunch of holiday cards this past year that included stacked die cut greetings and stacked die cut embellishments. A lot of intricate die cutting! In order to make it easier to assemble the cards, I put Super Tacky Tape from Creek Bank Creations on the back of the card stock before die cutting the pieces to make them into stickers. This was great because it eliminated the need to apply glue to the inticate shapes. What was NOT so great was weeding the tiny “trash” pieces (that either remained in the die or in the die cuts themselves) because they were sticky and stuck to my weeding tool or my fingers when trying to get them into the trash can. Very frustrating!!

I’ve since discovered a nifty little tool that makes it super easy to get rid of the sticky scraps without fighting to get them off the weeding tool or off my fingers. It’s called the “Tweexy Craft Vinyl Weeding Scrap Collector Ring” – a mouthful to say but a joy to use! It sits on your fingers so it’s close by as you need it. The slits in the top scrape the sticky pieces off your weeding tool and into the “crown” of the ring. It’s made of silicone so the sticky card stock does not stick to it. When done, you can just pour the pieces into the trash can.

If you click on the link I’ve provided above, there is a video demonstrating how it works.

I found it super comfy to wear (one size fits all), and it works GREAT!

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8 thoughts on “A Tool I Love for Weeding Sticky Die Cuts

    • For my weeding tool, I use a craft pick (like a metal toothpick) or tweezers, but it’s basically anything you use to dig out the scraps from the die cut. I added a link above as an example. (There are so many on the market – some a simple stick, some look like dental tools, and some with bells and whistles – lol!)


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