Woven Lighthouse Card (and a layered frame sample)

Woven Lighthouse Card (and a layered frame sample)


In one of the Spring Card Camp II online classes I recently viewed, we were encouraged to try weaving on our cards.  The class samples were done with colored strips behind cut-out windows on the card front, but I was curious to see what it would look like to weave a stamped image, and this big scene stamp seemed like a good one with which to try.

Using my MISTI stamp positioner, I stamped the “Lighthouse” stamp from Impression Obsessionon on two (large) pieces of ivory card stock with GKD Chocolate Truffle amalgam ink.  Then I cut each panel into 1/4 inch strips – one vertically and the other horizontally.  After making sure all the strips were in order, I wove “every other” horizontal strip back into the vertical strips to recreate the scene.  (As I am typing this, I am thinking I probably should have stamped a third panel for more vertical strips to create a second card with the horizontal strips I did not use here.  Also wondering if I could have woven blank card stock first and then stamped – eliminating the challenge of lining everything up.  Hmmm…. )

Once the strips were woven together, I adhered them to a scrap of card stock to prevent them from moving around and then trimmed it to size.

My original plan was to place the woven panel behind a cut-out window/frame as shown in the class, but the image was too large so I used the stitched frame die already sitting on my desk to create this next card…


I stamped the same image onto a piece of ivory card stock with the Chocolate Truffle ink.  Then I cut three frames with the frame die;  the first was from the stamped panel, and two more were from Chocolate Truffle card stock.  After stacking and gluing together the three die cut frames,  I put the frames and the other parts of the cut, stamped panel back together on a Tranquil Teal card base.  The greeting is from Gina K Design’s “Love & Prayers” set.

Thanks for checking out my card projects!

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8 thoughts on “Woven Lighthouse Card (and a layered frame sample)

  1. These are lovely. I am impressed! I made mine exactly as taught in class and never thought of any other ways. I like your out-of-the-box idea. Love the second card also with the frame.


  2. Wow! That must have taken a long time do align up the weaving in the correct order. I think your thoughts on the second option of stamping onto the weaving would have been my first choice of action as I tend to want to use the most simple methods possible. But I must say I just love the way this card looks. The second one is awesome as well. You are certainly an inspiration!


  3. WOW, WOW and WOW! That woven card is amazing and I admire your patience in putting it together. I like the 2nd one as well and love how you did the frames, but honestly the first one is the best idea I’ve seen recently. FANTASIC.


  4. I really like both of your cards. I can’t even imagine trying to line up the pieces for the first one. Though I would imagine stamping afterwards would have left white spots.


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