If It Were Your Birthday – Birthday Challenge #1

If It Were Your Birthday – Birthday Challenge #1


[inside: We’d all wish you a stoo-pendous day!  (And it is, so we do!)]

Welcome to the new “Babitz Children Challenge Blog”…  Just kidding!  For my birthday this year, my children gave me the gift of inspiration; they came up with 12 different card challenges for me to complete.  Each of the themes is based on some childhood memory or other significant connection we shared.  And they included “funds” to purchase supplies I may need to complete the tasks.  How fun and creative is that?!

The first challenge was from Eric, and his theme was “If I Ran the Circus” by Dr. Seuss.  It was one of his favorite books when he was little, and he loved “torturing” me by asking me to read it to him all the time!  I say “torture” because I got terribly “tongue tied” every time I read it, and this amused Eric to no end!!

I based my card design on the book cover (front and back) and characters from the book.

IF I RAN THE CIRCUS Book Cover (front) c       IF I RAN THE CIRCUS Book Cover (back) c

The character images I used were from the “If I Ran the Circus” 2-sided decorating kit by Eureka.  The pieces were too large for my 5 x 7 inch card (they are meant to decorate bulletin boards and such) so I scanned them and then created “print and cut” files for my Silhouette so I could size them to fit.  The elements on the card front are all cut and glued.  I was originally going to also print and cut out all the images for the inside of the card, but I ended up just arranging all them on my computer and printing the panels on photo paper.

Here is the inside of the card:


The letters were created and cut with my Silhouette, and the inside greeting was computer generated, both using the Lucky Goldfish Font (demo version).

11 more challenges to go!

Once the card was finished, I read the book aloud to my 24 year old.  It hasn’t gotten any easier to read after all this time – lol!!!  A fun walk down memory lane….

Thanks for checking out my card project!

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13 thoughts on “If It Were Your Birthday – Birthday Challenge #1

  1. What a fun and fabulous idea. How delightful of your children to come up with these challenges and give you the means to carry them out. I look forward to seeing the rest of your challenge cards.


  2. Can hardly wait to see the rest. This is a wonderful card and an amazing gift from your kids. So creative, the idea, the gift and what you came up with. Wow!


  3. My goodness! What fun that you were given challenges for your birthday. Very creative! This card is amazing. I am not familiar with this particular Dr Seuss book but I can see that it is perfect for the theme. What fun memories this makes for your family!


  4. Cute, cute card. Wonderful birthday gift from your kids. What’s better that going down memory lane with DR. Seuss?? I’m sure your 24 year old loved having mom read it to him again.


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