In-Home Card Making Workshop

In-Home Card Making Workshop


In my last post, I mentioned that I had a friend who wanted to give card making a try.  (HERE is the project we worked on together.)  I guess she really enjoyed it because she called me a few days later and asked if I would design and teach a 2-hour card making workshop she wanted to host at her house with a few of her friends.  The photo above, with the project choices, was included on the evite she sent.  I was thrilled to do it and really grateful for the opportunity.  Thanks, Cyndy!



I came up with three different projects; we had time for two of them.  The photo above shows one of the lessons the ladies chose which included stamping with a large background stamp, using a stamp positioning tool, water color block stamping, and various distressing techniques.  It was fun to see how the ladies made changes to my original design to make it their own!


The other project we completed was a “fancy fold” card I had made a while back (HERE).  The focus on this lesson was using a trimmer and score board (which they hadn’t done before).


The final project I came up with was to make a boxed set of note cards using a few solid image, scene-building stamp sets.  (I was trying to avoid the need to color since time was limited.)  Unfortunately, we did not have time for this one.  Maybe next time…

wDSC_9615  xxDSC_9612

Thanks for checking out my post!

4 thoughts on “In-Home Card Making Workshop

  1. How wonderful you were able to share your love of card making with others. I always enjoy when people want to learn more about the hobby too.


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