Holiday Boutique at Rolling Green Golf Club

Holiday Boutique at Rolling Green Golf Club


Well, the day of the Boutique finally arrived!

As I mentioned (on more than a few occasions in previous posts!), I was invited to participate in the Holiday Boutique at the Rolling Green Golf Club in Springfield, PA and was excited with the opportunity to show and sell some of my cards and paper projects.  This was my first time doing anything like this, and it was a lot of fun.

Sticking with the theme of the event and the location, I decided to create and feature projects that were either Christmas/Holiday or golf related, and I made multiple copies of each of these particular projects. Some of the designs were newly created this summer and fall, and others were designs I had created in the past and just made more of for this event.  I’d been preparing (and sharing) projects for this event since May.  (And I probably now have one of the largest collections of golf-related rubber stamps on the planet, many of which I didn’t even have a chance to use yet as I ran out of time!!!)

I figured people would more likely stop at my table if something caught their eye as they walked by and might not take the time to look through piles of cards in boxes.  With this in mind, I had a limited number of designs I offered (shown below), and each card or project sample was displayed on a stand so people could walk by and easily see what I was selling.  The duplicate cards and projects I actually sold were all packaged in clear sleeves or boxes.  A table that measured 8 feet x 30 inches was provided, and that was all the space I had!  It was crowded, but I got it all on there!!  Boxes with additional inventory were stored under the table or on the window sill behind the table.

* * *

As a thank you to my customers, I offered free raffle tickets with every purchase to win my Tiffany accent lamp.  The winning ticket was drawn at the end of the event, and Rosemary (ticket #224031) was the winner.  Congratulations, Rosemary!


* * *

I brought this rolling cart with cloth drawers for my “check-out” supplies.  It was small enough to fit in the small space behind my table (about 2 feet), but was big enough to hold my cash box on top, and my bags, receipts, order forms, etc. in the drawers.


* * *

It was very nice being by the windows on such a gorgeous day, but it made it hard to get good photos. (Sorry for all the glare!)  Here are a few more shots:




All of the projects I offered for sale at this craft show were hand-created using a variety of materials including rubber stamps, cut files, designer papers and embellishments.  The companies that designed the products I used all have Angel Policies which allow one to use their products on hand-made creations for sale.  (The exact terms of each company’s Angel Policy can be found on their websites.) Some companies required a commercial license (which I purchased, when necessary).  Most of the companies require that credit be given when using their products, and since my projects were all hand-made with no mechanical reproduction, it was not reasonable to list the “ingredients” used on each individual project.  Therefore, I have included below (in no particular order) the links to my blog posts for each of the projects offered at the show  (Click on the card title below the photo to go to the post.)  

In each of the posts, I’ve included the copyrighted products used for that project.

Christmas/Holiday Single Cards:

Decorating the Tree DSCN6521

Decorating the Tree


Embossed Snowman DSCN6057

Embossed Snowman


Christmas Shaker Card yyDSCN7054

Christmas Shaker Card


the magic of christmas

“The Magic of Christmas” Magic Card


Spinning Santa wDSCN7952

Spinning Santa


Nativity Ornament Card yDSCN7068 lighter

Nativity Ornament Card


Wobble Head Santa zDSCN7362

Wobble Head Santa


Sandy CLaws zDSCN7072

Sandy Claws


Die Cut Golfing Santa wwDSCN7388

Die Cut Golfing Santa


Silver Embossed Hanukkah Card zDSCN7086

Silver Embossed Hanukkah Card



Layered Hanukkah Card


Christmas/Holiday Cards – Boxed Sets:

(Each box contains 6 cards)


Golf Ball Snowman Holiday Card



Golf Ball With Santa Hat




   Golf Balls in Martini Glass



Santa in Golf Cart Holiday Card


Missing Elf zDSCN7040

Missing Elf


Does This Make My Butt Look Big wwDSCN7047

Does This Make My Butt Look Big?


Happy Ho-Ho-Holidays wwwDSCN7042

Happy Ho-Ho-Holidays


Santa Gift Card Holder xDSCN7428

Santa Gift Card Holder


Christmas Gift Card Holders

Christmas Gift Card Holder Pack


Hanukkah Gift Card Holders

Hanukkah Gift Card Holder Pack


Christmas/Holiday – Other Projects:

holiday planner main photo

zDSCN9048  zDSCN9051  zzDSCN9055  zDSCN9058

zzDSCN9054  zzDSCN9044  zDSCN9050

Holiday Planners


Snowflake Lantern wDSCN7110

Snowflake Lantern


Nativity Lantern zDSCN7100

Nativity Lantern



Holiday Accent Lamp


Golf-Themed Birthday Cards:

Above Par Birthday Card uvDSCN7604

Above Par Birthday Card



Fore Your Birthday 



Best Wishes – Golf Themed Birthday card



 Celebrate – Golf Themed Birthday Card



Especially for You – Golf Themed Birthday Card


Happy Birthday Tees yDSCN7034

Happy Birthday Tees


Golf Photo Note Cards:

(Each box contains 10 cards)


Golf Photo Note Cards


Jr. Legal Pad Covers:


My Husband’s Wife…Jr. Legal Pad Cover



I Don’t Like to Think…Jr. Legal Pad Cover



I Have Just One Problem…Jr. Legal Pad Cover



Manipulate the Data… Jr. Legal Pad Cover



I Play In The Low 80’s… Jr. Legal Pad Cover



A Day Without Golf… Jr. Legal Pad Cover

Thanks for checking out my post!

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