Golf Photo Note Cards

Golf Photo Note Cards

Golf Photo Note Cards

This card is part of a set of note cards that I made with photos I took at Rolling Green Golf Club in Springfield, Pennsylvania.  These were made to sell as boxed sets at the annual Ladies’ Holiday Boutique and Luncheon that will be held at the club for the members in December.  (Thanks, Mom, for inviting me!)  In addition to the hand-made cards I will be selling, I thought it would be neat to create sets of photo note cards featuring scenery from their home course.

My dad drove me around the course on a golf cart while I snapped a ton of gorgeous shots (333 photos in all!!) – thanks Dad!  The hardest part was choosing which ones to use!  I ended up using 20 shots (divided into 2 sets) which includes all of the holes on the course.  I also made two bonus cards of their clubhouse (a front and back view) to give as a gift with the purchase of a set.

While I originally thought I’d make these cards as thank you notes, I decided to omit a greeting on the front so the cards would be suitable for any type of note.  I had the cards professionally printed on white card stock at a place in Cherry Hill, NJ called dpi Copies Printing & Grahpics, Inc.  (The cards look gorgeous in real life; what a difference professional printing makes!)

I purchased boxes online from BAGS Unlimited.  They have a wide variety of sizes from which to choose, include shipping in their listed prices, and deliver quickly.

Each box contains a sheet showing thumbnails of each of the cards and which hole is featured.

Thumbnails for box 1 final

Thumbnails for box 2


Photo Only Card 31 Club House DSCN8267 with worker removed   Photo Only Card 33 Club House Front DSCN8327 cropped

After cutting, scoring, folding, collating, boxing…..they’re ready to go!


(set 1 pictured above)

Hopefully the ladies at the club will like them!

Thanks for checking out my card post!

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