How I use the MISTI to Stamp Multiple Images on My Project

How I use the MISTI to Stamp Multiple Images on My Project

MISTI DSCN8983 cropped

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I recently created this Baseball Thank You Note which was to be part of a set.  The greeting stamp had to be positioned “just right” with the other stamp, and because I stamped brown ink onto a somewhat dark brown card stock, I needed to stamp the images multple times in order to make the images dark enough to see well.  Because it was to be a set, I needed to make several copies of this card. My MISTI was the perfect tool for the job!   (I talk about the MISTI in a previous post which you can see HERE.)  It allowed me to precisely place the two stamps exactly where I wanted them, and it allowed me to stamp and re-stamp the images in the exact spot each time.

Here’s how it’s done:

1)  Open the lid.  Start with your blank card stock in the bottom corner.  (I originally placed magnets in the corners to hold it in place but needed to move them for step 2.)  *Note:  If you are using an acrylic stamp, keep the foam panel under the grid paper.  If you are using a rubber stamp, remove the foam because those stamps are thicker.

010 DSCN8928

2)  Place your clean stamp on the card stock where you’d like the image to be.

020 DSCN8921

3)  Close the lid.

030 DSCN8923

4)  When you open the lid again, the stamp is stuck to the lid in position to stamp the first image.  I use magnets to hold the card stock in place.

040 DSCN8928

5)  Ink up the stamp and close the lid.

060 DSCN8932

6)  Open it to see stamped image.  (I stamped the image 3 or 4 times to get a crisp, dark image.)

070 DSCN8934

7)  Once you are satisfied with the quality of the image, move the card stock (with the image just stamped) to the upper corner.  Place the clean greeting stamp on the card stock where you want the image to be.  (My stamp is stained from repeated use, but it’s clean.)

080 DSCN8935

8)  As before, close the lid.

090 DSCN8937

9)  When you open it, the second stamp is also stuck to the lid.

100 DSCN8939

10)  Ink the top stamp and closed the lid.

110 DSCN8940

11)  Open the lid; the second image is now stamped onto the card stock.  (Again, I repeated this 3 or 4 times to get a nice dark image.)

120 DSCN8941

Here is the finished panel.  Notice that even though I stamped the images several times, the images are crisp without the double lines you often get if you try to re-stamp an image without the tool.  If you use the same size card stock and don’t move the stamps from the lid, you can create an infinite number of these panels, and they will all be exactly the same!  Position the stamps once and just stamp away!! This is perfect when you are making duplicates of the same card.

130 DSCN8943

I use my MISTI all the time.  (I can’t remember the last time I stamped with a plain acrylic block!)  Even if perfect placement of my stamp(s) isn’t necessary, I usually re-stamp my images a few times to make them really dark.

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