Copic Markers that I like for Caucasian Skin Tones

Copic Markers that I like for Caucasian Skin Tones


The question was asked on StampTV:  What Copic Markers would you use for Caucasian skin tones?  (Sadly, this site is no longer active.)

Let me start out by saying that I am NOT a Copic Marker expert!  I’m still trying to figure out skin tone combinations, too!  And I still need a lot of practice coloring and shading skin, but…

Copic offers whole classes on coloring skin and hair.  Click HERE for a link to their site.  (I took the “2014 Copic Color Along: Whimsical Faces and Hair” class taught by Cindy Lawrence, and I really enjoyed it and learned a lot!)  There are so many combinations (and variations based on how much ink you lay down) so answering the question is really tough!

Annie’s Paper Crafts has a book called Copic Coloring Guide Level 3:  People with some suggestions on coloring all types of skin tones.  (You can check out the book HERE on  These are some of their suggestions for Caucasion skin tones:  The E0 family is peachy or pinkish and good for children, pale Caucasian or sunburned skin.  The E2 family is more brown or gold and good for tanned Caucasian skin.  And the E3 family is reddish and is also good for Caucasian skin (and several other types).  Having said that, blending from different groups often gives the best results!  You really just need to pick a few to blend and see what you like.  Try comparing your ink colors to a photo with a skin tone you are trying to duplicate.  Here is a link to the Copic Color Chart, but the colors on the computer may not be accurate!  The best thing to do is to create your own color chart with the actual pens.

Take the age of your subject into account when choosing colors as skin changes as one ages.  Young (Caucasian) skin often has peach or pinkish tones.  Young Adult skin tends to become more golden brown with more distinct shadows.  Older adult skin is different still.  It often has yellow undertones, more shadows with deep wrinkles and creases, and may appear more blotchy.

In addition to choosing the markers, one also needs to have an idea of how to shade the image for a more realistic look.  (This is the hardest part for me!!)  The book I mentioned above deals with this as did the instructor in the class I took.

I’m not sure how these will show up on your computer (they are a little more peach and a little less blotchy in real life than what I am seeing on my screen!), but here are a few of MY favorite combinations on samples that I colored:

ppp skin sample 1

(E000, E01, E31, E25)

 cc skin sample 2a

(E50, E21, E13)


(E000, E01, E35, E93)

 As I said, I am not an expert and still need a lot of practice, but these are a few of the combinations I tried and liked.

(The above card called “Let’s Have Pie!” was originally posted in my StampTV Gallery.  Sadly, this site is no longer active.)

Thanks for checking out my post.

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