12 x 12 inch Tonic Guillotine Paper Cutter with Large Base – updated 3/15/16

12 x 12 inch Tonic Guillotine Paper Cutter with Large Base

Tonic Large Base Trimmer

3/15/16 – This is an update from my original post.  

I had been told that these were no longer available when I first posted this in Dec. 2014, but they seem to be back!  I am seeing them in several places now:  on amazon.com HERE and on jet.com Here.


This one has a 6 inch base with detachable extension arm to make it a 12 inch cutter.  This also seems to be available again on amazon.com HERE.  

I own both of these models, and they are both great cutting tools.  What I particularly love about the one with the 6 inch base and extension arm is that it takes up much less room on my desk or shelf than the 12 inch base model since the base is half the size; I attach the arm when I need it, and store it under the base when the 6 inch base is enough.  The smaller base also makes it so much easier to move around and use.

However,  it is worth noting (with both models) that the ruler along the top edge doesn’t go all the way to the right edge and starts at 3/4 inch.  My second complaint (with the 6 inch base model) is that there is a gap in the ruler along the top when the arm is attached so the ruler on the left end of the base ends at 6 inches and the ruler on the extension arm starts at 6 3/8.  When I need to trim things less than 3/4 inch or between 6 and 6 3/8 inches, I either need to grab another trimmer, or I need to subtract that amount from the width of the paper and cut off the difference – an inconvenience indeed!  However, I own quite a few trimmers, and I still find myself grabbing these trimmers first because they cuts so well, are so easy to use, and usually have the measurements I need! 



I have been looking all over for one of these trimmers.  (This is the one that Gina K (StampTV) said she used and used to sell through her site.  Check out the description and reviews at  http://stamptv.ning.com/page/our-amazon-store.)

They are now discontinued and extremely hard to find.  I just stumbled on one at http://www.nationalartcraft.com/subcategory.asp?cid=+311&gid=16&scid=1522 and placed an order. They have it listed at a discounted price of $45.50 (the original list price was $59.95), and with the shipping, my order total was $58.45.  According to Lobi in their customer service department, they have 2 more in stock (as of 12/2/14), and she confirmed that they are discontinued and will no longer have them when these go.  IT APPEARS THEY ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE AT THIS SITE (updated 12/26/14)


Thanks for checking out my post!

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4 thoughts on “12 x 12 inch Tonic Guillotine Paper Cutter with Large Base – updated 3/15/16

  1. Thanks for the info. I’ve had one of these for several years and I really do like it. It got it at my local stamp store (no closed) with a coupon and birthday money. The orange handle came off and I have no idea what happened to it, but it still works just fine. Too bad its being discontinued because it is a good product.


  2. So Lisa, had you already deducted the one I would surely buy or should I be letting you know now that one is on the way?? LOL!! I just placed my order. I had gotten the small one and do love it but have been using this other cheapo cutter when I use my 12 x 12 paper. Could not find the bigger one so THANK YOU! Did I congratulate you on the Mod Squad mention? I’m getting up there ya know.. congrat’s!


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