I must confess that I am a bit of a “craft tool addict” and get much pleasure in purchasing and trying out all the latest tools and gadgets that I can get my hands on.  I see a project I like, and I immediately check out the supply list and the tools that were used!  Anyway, I recently discovered a tool that looked very interesting.  (Thanks for sharing this, Verna!)  It is called the MISTI (Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented).


Very briefly, you use this by placing your stamp (clear or red rubber cling) on the acrylic lid.  The paper is placed on the black foam (or in that section with the foam removed).  When the stamp is inked up and the lid is closed, the stamp comes in contact with the paper and your image is produced.  If you open the lid and close it again, the stamp hits the paper in the exact spot it did the first time.  You can see the You Tube video describing and demonstrating it HERE.

Why the MISTI looked interesting to me:

I often have trouble fixing a less than perfectly stamped image when parts of the image did not stamp or when there was uneven ink transfer.  This can happen with any stamp, but I often have trouble with large frame and background stamps or with larger solid image stamps.

I use a stamp-a-ma-jig a lot when I need precise placement of my stamps, and I really like it and get great results with it.  I use it to try to fix poorly stamped images as well.   However, because there is a small amount of human error involved with lining up the stamp against the stamp-a-ma-jig positioning tool, my stamped image sometimes ends up less than perfect when I need to go over the image a second time.  Sometimes it works great, and sometimes I get an image that looks a little blurry because it is just a touch off.  The MISTI works like a stamp-a-ma-jig in that the stamp is placed on and remains in a fixed position on the acrylic block, but the hinge keeps the acrylic lid from changing position so you know exactly where the image will end up no matter how many times you stamp it. Because re-stamping is so easy, you get great results when trying to get a darker or more solid image with the solid stamps as well because you can stamp and re-stamp as many times as necessary to get the desired results.

I also have a bit of trouble using the stamp-a-ma-jig with the really large acrylic blocks; I find it hard to line up these blocks against the positioning tool properly.  With the MISTI, you line up your stamp using the grid marks provided (or by initially placing the stamp right on your paper where you want it), and then it stays in position on the acrylic lid until you are done with it.

There are several videos demonstrating how to use MISTI for perfect placement of stamps, for creating backgrounds and for general stamping tips. Check them out at http://mysweetpetunia.com.

Here are a few of the images I stamped using the MISTI so you can see how it works.

This first example is with the bride and groom stamp from Gina K Designs “Always and Forever” duo stamp set.  It’s a large, solid stamp that  makes a silhouette type image.  Because this is a red rubber cling stamp, I’ve removed the foam insert from the left side of the MISTI.  I placed my paper in the lower left corner, although you can place it anywhere as long as it stays in the same place until you are done stamping the image.

060 DSCN5826

I stamped the image by inking up the stamp and closing the acrylic lid.  Without moving the paper, I re-inked the stamp and closed the lid again.

    080a DSCN5832

For comparison purposes, the image on the left was stamped the traditional way using an acrylic block on foam on a table, and the image on the right is the one from the MISTI, stamped several times.  Both were stamped with Gina K Christmas Pine ink.  (There is nothing wrong with the left image.  It is beautiful and could be used as is, but if you want a richer image, it is easier to achieve it with the MISTI because you can stamp it and re-stamp it.)

090 DSCN5836

For this next sample, I am using a clear stamp so I put the foam insert into the left side of the MISTI.  (I ordered additional grid paper that can be place on top of the foam if needed for placement, but there is also a built in grid on the acrylic lid.  I also just discovered that there is a downloadable grid on the site where this is sold as well.)  I am using the optional magnets I purchased to hold my paper in place.  For this sample, I intentionally stamped the image very lightly to get an incomplete image.  The stamp is from the Gina K Designs “Fabulous Frame” stamp set.

140 DSCN5854

Leaving the paper in place, I re-inked the stamp and closed the lid again.  Perfect!

150 DSCN5857  160 DSCN5859

Here is one more comparison where the image was stamped traditionally using an acrylic block on a table (pictured on the left) and with the MISTI (pictured on the right, stamped several times).  This stamp comes from the Gina K Designs “Inspiration Mosaic” stamp set.

040 DSCN5822  050 DSCN5825

My MISTI just arrived in the mail yesterday, but here are my initial thoughts:

  • I can see this tool being really helpful for use with stamps from which I often have trouble getting good images and for re-stamping when needed.
  • I can see this tool being really helpful for making multiple copies of a stamped panel by leaving the stamp in place and replacing the paper in the exact same spot.
  • It works great with clear and red rubber cling stamps.  You cannot use it with wood mounted rubber stamps as they are too thick and the wood can’t cling to the acrylic lid.
  • I am not sure if this will replace my stamp-a-ma-jig or will be an additional placement tool; that remains to be seen!
  • I have not had this tool long at all (a day!) so I cannot comment on its durability.
  • My MISTI squeaks when the lid is opened and closed, and I noticed that it squeaks on the You Tube video as well.  I’m not sure if that will go away with use.  (Not a big problem for me at this point, and she claims it will stop squeaking with time in her FAQ section on her blog.)
  • The part where you place your paper is not large enough to hold a whole piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper (or 12 x 12 for scrapbooking) so the paper must be trimmed before you can stamp. (REVISION (1/13/15):  CHECK OUT BANJO58’s COMMENT BELOW FOR A WAY TO USE LARGER PAPER – AWESOME SUGGESTION.  THANKS FOR THE TIP!)

Overall, the positives seem to FAR outweigh the negatives at this point, and I look forward to using this tool a lot!!


To order a MISTI, go to mysweetpetunia.com or amazon.com.

At this point, she sells out quickly.  I signed up to follow her blog by email and received word that she was going to have them available for sale at 9:30 (central time) last Friday.  By 9:33 she was sold out! I’m not sure how many she had to sell, but I was lucky enough to get my order in before they were gone!  I actually put the additional items I wanted (grid paper, magnets to hold the paper in place, and the recommended cleaning solution) in my cart earlier in the day and kept the page open and up on my computer until it was sale time.  I had set a timer so I wouldn’t forget or lose track of time (am I crazy?!), and at 9:29 I started refreshing the page until the item became available.  At this point, all I had to do was add it to my cart and pay which was done with paypal so I just had to enter my password and was pretty much finished.  A little stressful, but worth it!  (Reminds me of the Tickle Me Elmo and Wii frenzies!!)  I placed my order on Friday night, and it was delivered on Monday.  Pretty awesome!

UPDATE (March 20, 2015): IT APPEARS THAT THE MISTI IS NOW IN STOCK (AND MUCH EASIER TO ORDER!) AND AVAILABLE AT mysweetpetunia.com or at amazon.com. (March 20, 2015)

This really may be the Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented!  (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

Thanks for checking out my post!

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28 thoughts on “MISTI

  1. Isn’t this an amazing tool? I know I am loving mine as I am often not getting a good impression and then I end up chucking the whole thing in the trash. But with the MISTI I can just re-ink and get my impression right on target again. This lady sure invented an amazing tool and I am so glad I own one.


  2. Thanks for the review. I was on the line about ordering. But I still found myself online at 9:30 last Friday trying to get it ordered. I actually had it in y cart, but by the time I filled out the info page, I got an error and it was out of stock. Quick as a flash. Now, after your review, I will feel better about getting one. I think that it will save a lot of my cards. I am registered and waiting!


    • I got an error message when I was trying to pay as well. Refreshing and using the back arrow didn’t help. I needed to highlight the info in the address bar and hit enter. It took me to the payment page where I was able to finish the transaction. As I said, stressful, but worth it! (I can only imagine how many people were all trying to order at the exact same time!!!)


  3. Thanks for sharing! I placed my order a few nights ago. I know it will be a while before I get mine but I think I will be very happy. I have heard nothing but good things about the MISTI! Always good to hear more while I wait. Thanks so much for sharing.


  4. You CAN use it on 12×12 paper if you improvise a little. Place your paper to the right of the closed MISTI. Place your stamp on the front of the closed MISTI…not inside the MISTI. Ink the stamp, open the MISTI cover and stamp your paper. Don’t be afraid to play with it! You’ll be pleased with how versatile it is! I love it!

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  5. Reblogged this on The Crafty Pickle and commented:
    I have the MISTI tool and have had it for almost a month. I had planned on doing a review of the MISTI but Lisa Babitz from Iplayedwithpapertoday.wordpress.com has a wonderful review that I agree with 100%. If you haven’t seen the MISTI you must check it out!


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  17. I got the Misti, was expecting great things, and am very very dissappointed. Not worth the money. Seems like everyone like theirs, maybe I got a bad product.


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