Karate Scrapbook Layouts

Karate Scrapbook Layout

As I mentioned earlier, the scrapbooks I do are for each of my kids, starting from birth and documenting everything and anything until … well, I guess that depends on how far I get!  The idea is to go through high school, but we’ll see!  Anyway, in addition to their general books, I had planned to also make a karate themed book for each of them when they earned their black belts.  I finished Eric’s when he earned his junior black belt and need to add pages now that he earned his adult 1st degree.  I still need to do Kelly’s, Kevin’s and Keith’s books.

These are the layouts in Eric’s book so far.

"Title Page"

“Title Page”

"Karate Kid"

“Karate Kid”

"Older Candids"

“Older Candids”

"Part 1 of Black Belt Testing"

“Part 1 of Black Belt Testing – Curriculum”

"Part 1 of Black Belt Testing pg. 2"

“Part 1 of Black Belt Testing – Curriculum (pg. 2)”

"Sparring Test"

“Sparring Test”

"Belt Flipping Ceremony"

“Belt Flipping Ceremony”

"Ticket to the Black Belt Extravaganza"

“Ticket to the Black Belt Extravaganza”

"Extravaganza Performance"

“Extravaganza Performance”

"Belt Graduation Ceremony at Extravaganza"

“Belt Graduation Ceremony at Extravaganza”

"Sensei Eric Receives his Diploma:

“Sensei Eric Receives his Diploma”

a120 Scrapbook page_ portrait single

a130 Scrapbook page_ portrait pg 1

a140 Scrapbook page_ portrait pg 2

"Eric's Thoughts"

“Eric’s Thoughts”

"The Creeds"

“The Creeds”

a170 Scrapbook page_ last page misc

Several of these pages were featured on martialartspartystore.com.

What was very difficult about doing these pages back in 2005 was the lack of martial arts materials and supplies.  After much searching and frustration, I found a woman (who owned a scrapbook supply store which has since closed, I think) who had an electronic die cutting machine (which I had never heard of before).  I’m not sure what kind she had but it was a huge machine, and she had CD’s with tons of images from which to choose.  Luckily, she had quite a few karate images.  She cut 4 of everything for me so I have all the dies ready for Kelly’s, Kevin’s and Keith’s books when I am able to do them.  (I was there all afternoon; that poor woman!!)  I also was fortunate to find the website martialartspartystore.com (no longer in business) which had a lot of great stuff.  I laugh now because I could cut my own stuff out with my Silhouette, and there seems to be so much more online, but back then… very little!

This page was not in the karate scrapbook but was in Eric’s regular scrapbook showing his first belt test.

"First Belt Test"

“First Belt Test”

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One thought on “Karate Scrapbook Layouts

  1. These are such great pages. I need to send this link to a friend who has a son in Karate. She has an entire room filled with trophies…LOL! She needs to do something like this.. awesome! Technology has come such a long way in a relativley short period of time. Who would have believed we could cut our own die cuts any size we want them? Makes me wonder what madness I would have been creating in the middle of the night to present to my youngest two… I home-schooled? LOL!! Thanks so much for stopping by to comment on my blog.


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