How to Make A Folded Christmas Tree (from a semicircle)

How to Make A Folded Christmas Tree (from a semicircle)

 folded christmas tree

For this tree, I used an 8 inch doily.  (Click HERE to see original card post where this tree was used.)  You can make a tree with any size (plain or decorative) circle.  If you use double-sided, printed paper, you will get alternating patterns on your tree.


(I’m going to include pictures of both the doily and the printed paper in my instructions.)

To make the tree:

First, cut your circle in half.  Position your semicircle as shown.  (Click on a photo for a closer view.)

011  b

Start at the upper right hand corner.  You are going to take this corner point and fold it over to the left along the top, straight edge so the point ends up approximately 3/4 of the way over.  (Mine is an 8 inch circle, so the point will end up about 6 inches over or 2 inches from end.  Adjust if your circle is a different size.)  It does not have to be exact.  Just make sure when you fold it that the top edges line up perfectly.

010  030

04  c

Next, take the corner point you just folded over, and fold it in half (on a diagonal) to the right vertical edge to form a triangle.  Make sure the edge that had been on the top lines up with the vertical edge on the right, and you have a clean point on top.

050   091

This side should be lined up after you make the fold:

080  d

Now, turn the whole thing over, and position it as shown.

100   e

Take the point you haven’t used yet.  You are going to fold it across and down to the left, forming another triangle.    Make sure the left edges line up.

120   150   f

When you flip it over, this is what you should have.

160   170   g

Fold the edges with a bone folder to make them stay flat.  Use some adhesive to keep it flat and together if necessary/desired.

Thanks for checking out my tutorial!

4 thoughts on “How to Make A Folded Christmas Tree (from a semicircle)

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  2. Lisa.. this is an awesome tutorial. I love that little finger pointer.. I need one of those for something. LOL!!! I think I could really do this by following your directions and trust me… that is a major feat. I sometimes have to read things over and over to get it! Thank you!


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