“Perfect Layers”

“Perfect Layers”

*Updated 7/18/20 – I’m not sure if this company is still in business.  We R Memory Keepers is now making these Letter Guides (which appear to be the same thing?).


I want to share a product I discovered that I think is great for creating borders/mats for your projects. It is called “Perfect Layers” which you can find at perfectpapercrafting.com or here on amazon.com.

(click on photo to see larger image)


Cutting a mat, especially a thin one, is sometimes tough for me because occasionally, when I trim a panel for a card or a photo for a scrapbook page, it is not cut at a nice round measurement. (Either I was off a tiny bit when I measured or I cut the panel or photo without measuring.) “Perfect Layers” are designed to help you create borders in a bunch of sizes without needing to measure!

perfect mini

(This photo is from their website.)

Here’s how they work:

Each tool has a “catch lip” on the underside of the tool that corresponds to the size mat you wish to create.


This “catch lip” rests against the edge of the item for which you wish to create a mat. You choose which tool to use (and which side of the tool) based on the size of the mat you wish to create. For example, if I wished to create a mat with a 1/8 inch border, I’d use this tool with the side that has 1/8 (facing the correct way) against my panel. (The 1/4 is backwards because you need to flip the tool over to cut a 1/4 inch border.)


Position the tool by wedging the “catch lip” against the panel. Then use a craft knife to cut the card stock along the tool’s edge, doing this for all four sides. (Work on a self-healing cutting mat to protect your work surface.)



Because the ” catch lip” needs to catch the edge of your panel, these tools work best when using a thicker, nice quality card stock or photo paper. This seems to provide a nice edge for the “catch lip” to catch and stay put. However, I’ve used these tools with really thin card stock before by eyeballing where the “catch lip” should be by lining up the “catch lip” line on the ruler with the edge of my panel and then holding it firmly in position while cutting.


A ruler designed not to slip when using it to draw lines, and a tool designed to cut a perfect square/rectangle are a few of the other products they offer.


They provide videos to show exactly how to use these tools.


Thanks for checking out my post.

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One thought on ““Perfect Layers”

  1. My perfect rulers arrived yesterday. They are really good quality and the ruler you show in the last picture is amazing, it really does hold the paper still. I hit the purchase at the right time as they included the nice pink cutting mat for free. Thanks so much for the info about them!


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