Technique Tags

Technique Tags

Here’s an idea that helps you keep track of new techniques you come across and also allows you to try them quickly without needing to create a whole, finished project.

Technique Tags

I call these “Technique Tags” which  I make when I come across videos or other tutorials that teach techniques I’ve never done before.  On the front, I try the technique and create a sample I can keep and refer back to later, and on the back, I reference the video it came from and any other info that I would find useful the next time I want to use that particular technique for a project.   I place the cards on a shower curtain ring as I make them so the cards flip easily, and I can add new cards as I learn new techniques.

This is a project I started a while ago and keep adding to it.  The need arose because I watch so many tutorial videos and get such great ideas, but as I watch new videos, I would often forget about the older ones.  Also, I often wanted to try the techniques I was learning about but didn’t always have the time to create a whole layout or project.  And finally, I realized it would be great to have a place to quickly look for ideas when I need to create a card or scrapbook element.

This photo/idea was originally posted in my StampTV gallery.  (Sadly, this site is no longer active, and the StampTV galleries no longer exist.)

 Thanks for checking out my post!

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