Technique Tags

Technique Tags

Technique Tags

(a blast from the past…)

Here’s an idea that helps you keep track of new techniques you come across and also allows you to try them quickly without needing to create a whole, finished project…

Early in my card making “career,” I couldn’t get enough of the many technique videos and instructional posts available online.   I learned so much so quickly and couldn’t keep up with trying them all on complete card projects so I started doing technique samples on tags (with the video/instructional post location and instructions/notes on the backs).  I used a shower curtain ring to keep them together which made it easy to add new tags as I learned new techniques.  When I had time to work on a card project, I could flip through my tags to get ideas (and instructions) on techniques I had wanted to try.  (I still love watching technique videos, but I pace myself now – lol!)

Saving videos as “favorites” on YouTube or pinning cards and/or instructional blog posts to pinterest boards are also great ways to “remember” things you see and want to try, but the technique tags are a way to actually try the technique quickly without worrying about the rest of a card layout.

This project was originally shared on stamptv (June 14, 2013).  (Sadly, this site is no longer active, and the StampTV galleries no longer exist.)

Thanks for checking out my post!

6 thoughts on “Technique Tags

  1. What a wonderful idea! To bad I didn’t run with this idea back in 2013! I have done most of those techniques in the long ago past. Love the walk down card making memory lane.


  2. I like this idea. I probably saw your original post, but certainly do not remember it. Glad you brought it back to freshen it in our minds.


  3. Wow! You were organized to do that system. I mainly at first only had magazines to look at and get ideas. No internet was used that much by me. So I saved the issues that appealed to me. Now one can Google any technique and see how they are done.


  4. This is a super idea. Sometimes I find myself lost on Pinterest, when if I just looked through a ring of tags, I probably would get to actual crafting quicker!


  5. You are ever the clever one. I am just not disciplined enough to accomplish this. Bookmarks are the best I can hope for. And of course there is always the fact that enough time passes, and I see something that I have forgotten about but really like, it is like Christmas all over again.


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