A Blast from The Past

A Blast from The Past

remembering the past card clipart modified 2

I am sure it is because I am getting older and that I hate change, but…

As many of you may know, I was posting card projects on a site called StampTV before I had a site of my own.  This site was amazing (and perfect for a person who is not all that comfortable with all the social media platforms out there).  There were weekly challenges, free resources, galleries of card projects, tons of member pages with so much beautiful inspiration, and video tutorials (featuring stamps by Gina K Designs).  It was a place to offer and receive encouragement, ask and answer crafting questions, offer our crafting opinions and thoughts, and yes, even to make friends.  I used to click on the site several times a day (ok – every time I walked past my computer – lol!) just to see what the members were saying.  And I found the site very easy to navigate.

blank computer screen

Sadly, this site is no longer active, and the little that is still there will soon be completely gone.  There is a new site (along with a face book page), but it is just not the same (for me).  I am so thankful that I discovered the old site when I was first starting out as a card maker.  I learned so much from Gina and her designers who posted weekly videos that I watched (never missing a single one!) and from all the talented members who inspired me and helped me find my own style.  And I appreciate the opportunity I was given to share my work to a supportive audience before I even knew what a blog was – lol!    If I were just starting out now and stumbled on the new site, I am really not sure I would have stuck with it.  The new site is… well… new, so maybe as it grows, it will get back to having the same “active community” feel the old site had to me.  But I do so miss the old site.  Sigh…

remembering the past card clipart modified

Anyway, the gallery with all of my early card projects is no longer there at the old site, so I thought it might be fun (for me) to go back through photos of my older projects and gradually share them here.  It will be like looking back through an old photo album and will help me to feel like I’m not losing those projects forever.

I didn’t keep track of all the supplies I used early on, and my photography skills needed work – lol, but I think it will be fun (for me) to throw in some of these old projects as I continue to share my new ones.

blast from the past

These posts will start off with “a blast from the past…” so if you’ve already seen my stamptv gallery, you will know this is old stuff and can proceed as you wish – lol!

This was the first card I posted back in March 2013:


This cute image is from the “Penguin Paradise” set (retired?) from Stampin’ Up.  (I didn’t understand that you were supposed to use gkd stamps for their challenges when I posted this – lol!)  It was colored with Bic Mark It alcohol markers.  An embossing folder and crimper added the texture to the background.

Thanks for all your encouragement and support here on my site now and in the past.  I really do appreciate it.

(Clip art is all from google images found here: thinking galmemory lane signblank computer screen,  card making image, and blast from the past image.)

10 thoughts on “A Blast from The Past

  1. I was lucky and saved all my cards using Gina K. Designs stamps in folders on my computer even before I posted them onto the Stamp TV site. And, although I am getting around the new site a bit better I do miss the familiar atmosphere of fellowship that used to be. I guess I am another one who hates change. It might be an age factor with me too. Anyway, I will love to see all the blasts from the past. Your work was always inspiring to me.


  2. Lisa, I always enjoy seeing your lovely creations and I share your feelings of missing the old Stamp TV. I agree the new site and the move toward Facebook is just not the same. The good news is your early cards should still be on Stamp TV. If you go to the old site, click on the gallery then click on My Photos, they should still be there. At least mine are and I’ve been gradually downloading some of them and the descriptions.


  3. Lisa,
    I agree, not at all the same site that I too discovered WAY BACK WHEN. I do follow fellow travelers that have started their own blogs so that I don’t miss a card. I always enjoy your tutorials and fun ideas. Since day one of card making with stamptv, I kept a “cards I’ve made” file in my Pictures, so I haven’t lost card photos. So happy I did that. My best to you.
    Barbara Brenneman


  4. Lisa, I love your blast from the past. I have photos of all of my cards, but not the descriptions. I should do like Judy and get these on my computer in a file. I miss Stamp TV the way it was, so much. I stopped by many times a day, reading or looking for inspiration. Love your blog!


  5. I do commiserate with you Lisa. Feel the same way. It’s not so personal anymore and I can’t find the videos I want to watch. I remember the card but needed the video to know how and what I’m doing. I’ve always followed you and am so glad you haven’t also disappeared. At the moment, the closest thing I’ve come to is the Hedgehog Hollow videos from the UK. I will continue to watch for your cards. Thanks Lisa


  6. I too learned so much from Stamp TV. and watched every video and entered almost every challenge for about six years. I can remember how excited I was to win my first stamp set. I mae many forever friends there.


  7. That is a great card and has a wonderful balance of color, especially for a beginner. I remember that when I first entered challenges at stamp tv, you didn’t have to use their stamps. I can’t remember what year that was. I quickly made a purchase, and then was able to enter them once the rules changed.

    I have not joined the new site. I still buy her paper etc, but haven’t been as tempted by her stamp sets in a while. I have quite a few of hers already! Have you bought from her store lately?


    • I have not bought much from her site recently either. Besides having so many of her older sets, I am just not feeling all that inspired/tempted anymore. Not viewing everyone’s projects on a daily basis like I did in the past is definitely contributing to my lack of interest. Probably a good thing for my wallet – lol!


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