Another Double Z-Fold Card with Pop-up Panel (Wiper Card) – with Tutorial

Another Double Z-Fold Card with Pop-up Panel (Wiper Card) – with Tutorial


Recently, I shared a wiper card I made for my class and have another sample (with same image from the  “Cup of Thanks” stamp set by Studio Katia) that I did with different colors.  (If you care to see how I made this card base, I’ve included a short tutorial at the end of this post.)  Again, I used Bic alcohol markers (polynesian purple, stone grey, petal pink, tranquil teal, cloud nine grey, ocean blue), and a blender pen to color my image.  I found this patterned paper called “Watercolor Dots” by Recollections at Michaels and liked that it had so many colors that worked well with the pencils, markers, and inks available to my students.


Here is a tent fold card layout with the same image.


If you wish to see how I made my Double Z-Fold card base with a pop-up panel (Wiper Card)…


Wiper_Card gif.gif

To make this A2 size Double Z-fold card base with pop-up panel (Wiper Card):

1.  Prepare the pieces for the Double Z-Fold card base:

a.  Score an 8 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ panel at 5 1/2″ (valley fold) and 7″ (mountain fold),

b.  Score an 8 1/2″ x 2 1/4″ panel at 1 1/2″ (valley fold) and 3″ (mountain fold).

c.  Decorate panels as desired.

2.  Prepare the pop-up panel

a.   Cut a 2 7/8″ x 1 7/8″ panel and decorate as desired.

b.  Fold the lower left corner back (3/4″ from corner).

pop-up panel FOLD

3.  Adhere the pop-up panel to the short base panel:

a.  Hold the short base panel as it will sit on the card.  Then, flip it towards you, and place it on the table so you are looking at the back. (The top edge should now be closest to you, and the two small scored sections should be on the left.) LET THIS SIT FOR A MOMENT WHILE YOU PREPARE THE POP-UP PANEL.

short base panel

b.  Place the stamped/decorated side of the pop-up panel face up on table and completely cover JUST THE CORNER with glue. This corner will eventually be folded back, so if you want to avoid having to touch the glue, lift up the panel, fold over the corner, and then apply the glue.  (Make sure you put the glue on the”front/decorated” side of the corner that ends up being folded back.  You are not gluing the folded corner to the back of the panel.  The glue will be exposed when folded back.)

pop-up panel CROPPED

c.  (Base should still be positioned from step “a” above). Position/hold the pop-up panel face up and sideways – with the top edge to the left and the corner with glue (tucked behind) on the lower right.  Line up the bottom of the pop-up panel close to (and slightly to the left) of the second score line/fold, and line up the left edge of the pop-up panel flush with (or slightly inside) the “top” edge of the base panel.  (This is the side closest to you.)  Once in position, push down so the folded back corner gets glued to the back of the base panel.

pop-up panel assembly

4.  Assemble the double z-fold card base:

After the pop-up panel is attached, the two parts of the double z can be put together. Lift up the pop-up panel (as it will be when it pops up) to get it out of the way.  Glue only the far left section of short/front panel to the left side of the back panel, and glue the far right section of the taller/back panel to the right side of the front panel.  The base can be flattened to make gluing easier.  After the front and the back panels are attached, the pop-up element should move up and down freely as the card is “opened” and “closed” by gently pulling and pushing the sides.  (It won’t pop up until the front and back panels are attached.)


5.  Further decorate as desired.  (There is plenty of room on the back to hand write or stamp a sentiment and to sign the card if you do not wish to add that to the front.)


Thanks for checking out my card project and tutorial!

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11 thoughts on “Another Double Z-Fold Card with Pop-up Panel (Wiper Card) – with Tutorial

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  2. Thanks, Lisa. Your drawings and instructions are very clear. I make a lot of double z fold cards but I really needed instructions on the wiper mechanism. I am off to give it a try. It will be for a card for the DRU Challenge blog so if I get it done right I will send you a link and credit you on my blog for the great instructions.


  3. Hey, Lisa I was about to post a link to your blog for the wiper card, but the pictures must have been some you deleted. I will post the tutorial, but if you can reload the pictures before the 15th I know more people might try it and link back to you. Sorry you are having such a harried month.


  4. Hello Lisa! Long time no see. I am coming to you from my friend Kathy. This is a great card and one that I will use. I have three little girls that I now sent cards to and they will like an interactive card. Thanks for sharing the instructions.


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