I’m Loving This Scoring Stylus – with my scoring board.

I’m Loving This Scoring Stylus – with my scoring board

scoring stylus

I just discovered a new tool that I love.  (I know…I’m not using it as it was intended, but…)

I have been busy making a BUNCH of cards (individual cards and sets) for a craft show in December.  I make my own card bases which requires a lot of scoring and folding.  I had been using a Martha Stewart Scoring Board with the bone folder/scoring tool that came with it.  After a while, my finger really started to hurt as I applied pressure to the top edge of the tool to score the card stock.  The problem is that the tool is fairly flat, and the edge digs into my fingertip with repeated use.  The other problem with this tool is that it is wearing out because it is made of plastic; I am not getting great score lines with it anymore.


I had purchased and tried several replacement bone folder/scoring tools and had not really loved any of them. Some are too big to fit in the storage compartment on my score board.  Some have really sharp tips that cut my cardstock when I try to score it.  Some are too wide and jump out of the channels on the score board.  Others are just not real comfortable.

I was recently at the Scrapbook Expo in Somerset, NJ, and I discovered a tool for scoring that I really like – the Cricut Scoring Stylus.  It is meant to be used as an attachment for the Cricut Explore machine, but I just use it by hand with my scoring board.

           tool in cricut
(as Cricut attachment )

    wDSCN8902     holding tool

(I use it for hand-scoring with a score board.)

It is so comfortable because it is smooth and shaped like a pen.  I just started using it so I cannot speak about how long it will last, but the tip is metal, so I am guessing it will last longer than the plastic tools I’ve been using.  The tip is pretty pointy if you hold it straight up and down, but if you hold it at an angle like a pen and use moderate to light pressure, it works great.  And it fits in the storage compartment of my score board along with the bone folder so it’s always right there when I need it!

I still use the bone folder to flatten my folds, but this is my new score tool of choice!

You can check it out on Amazon.com (HERE).

Thanks for checking out my post!

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2 thoughts on “I’m Loving This Scoring Stylus – with my scoring board.

  1. You are such a wealth of information. Thanks for the tip. I have the SU one and sometimes it jumps out of the groove. I might give this a try sometime.


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